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Duct Cleaning in Clarksville, IN, Jeffersonville, IN, Louisville, KY and the Metro Region

We do not do duct cleaning ourselves, and, would suggest that you make every effort to hire a reputable company if you choose to have your ductwork cleaned. A couple of thoughts about duct cleaning: The vast majority of homes do not need duct cleaning. There are two parts to your ductwork, the supply air side which blows air out of the registers and the return air side which sucks air back through your furnace filter. The supply air side blows air so there is no reason to need to have it cleaned under normal circumstances.

The return air side can develop build-up in the ductwork over many years, but if you are maintaining a good filter system, then nothing from that side will migrate through the filter. These comments refer to normal circumstances. Of course, if you have had a fire or flood or mold issue, then duct cleaning would not only be helpful but essential to your health. Finally, do not be misled by low price claims. Having your ductwork cleaned properly will cost several hundred dollars. Make certain that you are using a reputable company, perhaps by checking them out with the Better Business Bureau.