HVAC Specials in Clarksville, IN, Jeffersonville, IN, Louisville, KY and the Metro Region

$60.00 Seasonal Clean & Check:

Have one of our professional service technicians perform a seasonal cleaning and performance check on your residential split system or package unit to ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency and that you are ready for the change in temperature. Residential customers only, price applies to a single system.

Energy Savings Rebates & Credits:

There are lots of energy rebates and credits still available, even though the really large federal tax credits from 2009-2010 are gone. There are still federal tax credits for energy efficiency available on form 5695 if you are eligible ($150 for a high efficiency furnace, $300 for a 15 SEER heat pump or 16 SEER air conditioner, and, $50 for an Energy Star programmable thermostat). There is a $5000 lifetime maximum on these credits and whether or not you as an individual are eligible is beyond our knowledge, but there are federal credits available if you qualify. Many utility companies offer credits or rebates, as well. Probably the most applicable for our customers is a $250 Vectren utility rebate for high efficieny furnace replacements. We can help you decide which replacement system will get you the most rebates and also help with the rebate applications.